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Real Estate developer, Author Anthony Lolli LIVE with Kash-Wayne Campbell

You guys know I live for these interviews. Here is another amazing interview. This one is with Multimillionaire Real Estate developer, Author & founder of the Brooklyn-based brokerage Firm Rapid Realty Anthony Lolli. 
The son of an Ecuadorian immigrant and a first-generation Italian American WWII veteran-turned-schoolteacher, Anthony grew up poor in Brooklyn, NY. When he was just six years old, he made his mother a promise that he would make their family wealthy one day. And to her credit, she never let him forget it. That promise lit a fire under Anthony that led him to get his real estate license at age 19. By 23, he was a millionaire with his own brokerage, Rapid Realty NYC, and a growing portfolio of rental properties to his name.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that Anthony built Rapid Realty NYC with his own two hands. He started the company in a mixed-use building he had purchased in the heart of Brooklyn. Having spent all his savings on the building itself, he couldn’t afford to hire a contractor to renovate the property for him. Instead, he hired day laborers and rolled up his sleeves and went to work right alongside them, learning all they could teach him about construction along the way.
Always happier to carve his own path than to follow the pack, Anthony broke from tradition when he designed Rapid Realty NYC to specialize in apartment rentals in the outer boroughs, rather than the Manhattan sales market that virtually every other New York firm at the time was fighting over. With his intimate knowledge of Brooklyn, he recognized that the borough was about to become the next hot destination, and that renters were a sorely under-served market.
It was a gamble that paid off. In the early 2000s, renters began flocking to Brooklyn in record numbers. Anthony was able to grow both Rapid Realty and his portfolio of investment properties, and even opened a real estate school, which he gifted to his parents in honor of his father’s career in public education.
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