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In 2013 Kash-Wayne Campbell decided to become a real estate agent. Today, he is a real estate broker, coach, mentor, and motivational speaker. And he has built a team of more than 150 real estate agents.

Kash-Wayne grew up on Long Island. He has vivid childhood memories of being the kid in the neighborhood who was known for cheering up and motivating his friends. And today, if you talk to those same friends about Kash-Wayne, they will voluntarily share stories that solidify his reputation as a motivating coach.

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Jerome Jones, Associate Real Estate Broker  

Kash-Wayne Helped me to launch my Real Estate Career and Build my Real Estate team thank you for all the training and support.


Krystal. G Real Estate Salesperson

As a new agent coming into the company, I learned a lot from him. He trained me to understand the content and concepts so well that I now can train other people. Kash-Wayne has been my mentor in real estate—and in business overall—since 2016. If I teach a seminar, I can confer with him. He’s accessible.


Michelle Doss License
Associate Real Estate Broker

Kash-Wayne’s coaching style is very moderate and easy. If you find it difficult to comprehend certain aspects of real estate, he will break it down and illustrate it another way. He emphasizes relationships and how to treat people. And he taught me a lesson I can’t forget: Don’t chase the commission; it will come.