Passionate About Inspiring Others

Meet Kash-Wayne Campbell

Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Coach, and Motivational Speaker


In 2013 Kash-Wayne Campbell decided to become a real estate agent. Today, he is a real estate broker, coach, mentor, and motivational speaker. And he has built a team of more than 150 real estate agents.

Coaching and Motivating Isn’t What He Does—It’s Who He Is

Kash-Wayne grew up on Long Island. He has vivid childhood memories of being the kid in the neighborhood who was known for cheering up and motivating his friends. And today, if you talk to those same friends about Kash-Wayne, they will voluntarily share stories that solidify his reputation as a motivating coach.

When they were in sixth grade, Kash-Wayne and a friend often spent lunchtime in the office of Mr. Sumner, their art teacher. Mr. Sumner introduced them to entrepreneurship and its endless possibilities. Kash-Wayne recalls those lunchtime office visits: “Mr. Sumner had conversations with us about business and what was possible for life—owning a business or creating a product. He enlightened us about entrepreneurship.” 

And Kash-Wayne is giving back. He shares what he learned from Mr. Sumner, as well as from his own life experiences, during speaking engagements at local schools.

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My friends say: 'You love to teach people things.' I do it even when I'm not trying. It just happens."


His Journey to Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring

Kash-Wayne was a thriving club and concert promoter. But in 2013, a friend and ten-year real estate veteran talked with him about the possibilities in real estate. Kash-Wayne could still promote products and services—but real estate would broaden the opportunities. After taking his friend's advice, Kash-Wayne earned his real estate license in 2013. He told many friends about his career change and, without him asking, they wanted to join Kash-Wayne in the journey. 

But coaching and mentoring his in-office team wasn’t enough. Kash-Wayne’s desire to coach and motivate on a broader scale compelled him to use YouTube as a platform to reach an unlimited audience. Access his YouTube channel to watch programs that have been seen by more than 22,000 viewers.

“People remember me when I began my journey. I still sell real estate everyday. Other agents see me at a showing or an open house. I’m one of them. I care so much about people that I want to help them and see them do better. I got my real estate license and became successful. And you can do it, too.”

Kash-Wayne’s Philosophy on Motivational Speaking

Kash-Wayne loves real estate. It has changed his life. He enjoys being a broker and an investor. And he loves people—so it’s easy to talk about what he loves.

“My approach is to be as human as possible with my listeners. I want you to understand that I was you at a certain point in my life. And I’ll share with you how I was able to change. My programs teach a lot about relationships—they are so important in anything that we do. Relationships keep me going in life, even as a real estate broker. Most of my business today is built on referral business from previous business relationships.”

And Kash-Wayne understands how closely professional development and personal development are related. He reflects, “I remember being a young man with passion but no direction. It seemed that my life was going nowhere. I started to listen to motivational videos on YouTube, and something started to change for me. I started to see my life for more than what it was. That’s why I love personal development.”

“I love motivating others. There is just something special about taking someone from seeing no hope in their lives to seeing unlimited potential.”


What Do Kash-Wayne’s Mentees Say About Him?

“Kash-Wayne’s coaching style is very moderate and easy. If you find it difficult to comprehend certain aspects of real estate, he will break it down and illustrate it another way. He emphasizes relationships and how to treat people. And he taught me a lesson I can’t forget: Don’t chase the commission; it will come.” – Michelle Doss.

“As a new agent coming into the company, I learned a lot from him. He trained me to understand the content and concepts so well that I now can train other people. Kash-Wayne has been my mentor in real estate—and in business overall—since 2016. If I teach a seminar, I can confer with him. He’s accessible.” – Krystal G.

His Personal Interests

Kash-Wayne works out daily. When he’s not in the office, he loves traveling and spending time with his fiancée, daughter, and extended family. And he still enjoys reading self-help books and watching motivational videos.